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Have you accidentely erased or lost family photos? We have professional data extraction services for all types of mobile phones. Our specialists can identify, collect and analyse electronic data so that it can be presented as evidence in courts or tribunals.

Our forensic examiners analyse data ranging from current and deleted data such as phone book entries, call history, SMS text messages, images and videos, GPS locations, email and web history and so much more for the private sector, high net worth clients, corporate types and government and law enforecement agencies throughout Australia. We also present you with an extraction report upon completion which can be presented in all courts and tribunals. Our equipment is the most advanced in the market.

Recover Deleted Data | Files | Pictures | From Digital Devices



Our mobile phone forensic service can examine more than 20000 different mobile phones all from our Forensic Labs in Parramatta, Sydney, or the Canberra CBD.* So you can rest assured that your phone can be analysed without any problems. We constantly update our equipment and always cater for all new phones in the market.

These are some of the types of data our data extraction service can obtain:

  • Recover Deleted Photos
  • Deleted Message Recovery
  • Deleted Text Messages
  • Emails and Web History
  • Contacts and Call logs
  • Bluetooth paired device history
  • Location Data, and more...

Australia's best Data Recovery Service

This service is suitable for many applications, such as missing persons or court matters, especially when trying to determine some ones whereabouts by finding out who they have been in contact with. All services are centred on the needs of our clients so as to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Our services are not limited to the above so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

*Device and Memory Size dependent

Data Recovery

  • Mobile Phone ForensicsMobile Phones NSI Phone Forensics and Data Recovery is an experienced and professional source for all your deleted data recovery needs. We provide the largest library of supported mobile phone handsets on the market and continue to support more phones on a monthly basis. If we can't do it, no one can!
  • Deleted Data RecoveryData RecoveryWe can extract the following data from all types of mobile phones: Phonebook, SMS text messages, photos, videos, call logs (dialed, received, missed), audio files, ESN, IMEI, ICCID, IMSI and more. We also provide a professional report that can be used in court or a tribunal.
  • Memory card data recoveryMemory CardsHave you lost important files or family photos? We can help! Simply bring your USB or SD memory card or your phone and we can extract as much data as we can from the memory and get those imporant files or photos back.
  • World class equipmentWorld Class EquipmentNSI Phone Forensics use equipment which is second to none. Our equipment is used by Law Enforcement throughout the world and you can rest assured that your data will be protected. All assessments are carried out in compliance with Australian Standards AS 4360.